As silk comes from an animal, like wool it benefits from natural and special qualities. It has not got a completely regular surface, but depending on the yarn, it can have ansilk fabric irregular appearance. This is by no means regarded as a defect in the fabric, but organic individuality. This fabric is easily creased or crushed and is a very sought after style feature for many products. Natural silk is very breathable; it traps air and holds warmth in the winter, and is also blissfully cool and breathable in the summer.

No other fabric is so shiny and feels so comfortable against skin as silk does. Small colour shifts are natural in silk, but only clearly noticeable in darker colours. Exposure to strong sunlight can cause colours to fade. Alcohol from deodorants, perfumes or detergents should not touch silk as it can affect the colour. Compared to satin, woven silk fabric has a far more elegant lustre and is a popular fabric for home textiles and clothing.